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Our goal was to create an immersive experience and bring Dupe’s amazing VFX work to life while at the same time, making it super-easy for their team to manage their media-rich web content. Enter Wagtail CMS.

B Corp: Where sustainability meets creativity

As the first VFX company in the UK to receive B Corp accreditation, it was important for Dupe to show their commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical practices. In order to achieve B Corp status, they are required to gather data on carbon emissions, gender pay gap, overtime and other aspects of their operation. What better way to demonstrate their commitment to B Corp than to publish their stats online? 

Homepage comparison The superhero of mobile-friendly graphing

While online tools like Tableau let you put together attractive charts and plots, we found they appear broken on mobile devices. Luckily our own secret weapon, does this much better and we’ve built it to integrate with Wagtail. Plots and charts not only look and work well on a mobile phone, it’s super-easy for content editors to build graphs directly into their web pages with no code.

dupe grafl examples

Making every moment count

User experience (UX) is crucial for a website and our goal was to create an immersive, memorable experience that’s easy to navigate and a joy to use. In short, we wanted the Dupe experience to feel like an effortless journey through a VFX-filled adventure.

Just as a great film puts its main character at the centre of its storyline, we made sure Dupe’s stunning VFX work takes centre-stage of the website. A minimalist design presents glorious high-quality visuals that capture the artistry and creativity behind each project.

We built  interactive elements into the fabric of the website that allow you to see scenes before and after Dupe’s visual effects were added. The subtle motion we added to interactive elements brings delight to the experience of exploring Dupe’s amazing work.

Gangs_Comp.original golo_comp2.original

Launching the new website was just the first act

We’re proud to say our partnership with Dupe and Dogeatcog was a resounding success. Our ongoing relationship with Dupe means we can continually enhance the website with new features whenever they’re needed. We also deliver regular Wagtail upgrades to ensure their website remains a valuable long-term solution. As with many of our clients, Dupe has an in-house web department supporting their editorial team.

Dupe’s new website helps position them as a mission-led VFX studio of the future with their bold statement Incredible VFX. Amazing team. Unshakable ethics

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