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Whether you already have a Wagtail website or you’re considering CMS options for a new website project, we can help.

We’ve been building bespoke websites and applications with Wagtail since 2017 and seen it go from strength to strength. The makers of Wagtail pride themselves on flexibility and ease of use which makes it perfect for bespoke websites and for web managers who like to work hassle-free. As website designers and developers, we love how feature-packed we can make websites – we’ve literally never come up against an idea or requirement we can’t build elegantly into a Wagtail solution.

What makes Cursive a good agency to work with?

Firstly, we like to make purposeful websites and applications that make a difference. We put user experience and our client’s objectives at the centre of our work and we love to build solutions that work well, look good, express our client’s brand values and delight their users.

We care about the lifetime of a website so we’ll support, maintain and upgrade the websites we build so they continue to work as intended from day one.

Our clients get our experienced team who use design and technology to solve their business challenges. We like happy, successful clients because they keep us busy doing what we love.

What if you already have a Wagtail website?

You may already have invested a significant amount of time and money in your website and be reluctant to start again from scratch. And the good news is, you may not need to. We’ve transitioned several website projects into our care and been able to build on the value already invested. We can offer world-class hosting, support, maintenance, monitoring, upgrades as well as building new features that will give your users more of what they want.

Time for something new and shiny?

Naturally we love the opportunity to plan, design and build websites from scratch – those projects are where we get to bring all our skills to bear. So if a website redesign is what you’re in need of, let’s work together to understand your objectives, leverage what’s working, change what isn’t and give your organisation the website it deserves.

Wagtail Django Python stack

Wagtail is by far the easiest CMS I have ever used. It is so user-friendly. The “Bird” button that allows you to flick between the live website and the backend for me the highlight as it allows you to dive really quickly into the pages you want to edit. Unlike most CMS software out there, Wagtail is actually a pleasure to use.

— Laura Bonsaver, communications and engagement officer, GO Lab, University of Oxford

Why Wagtail?

Managing content is easy. It’s a CMS that has been built to make life easy for editorial teams.

It’s built on Django – a powerful and versatile framework written in Python. It’s mature, well-supported and many large-scale web applications are built on it, like Instagram, Spotify and Pinterest. We use it to build bespoke applications.

It’s scalable. Wagtail is perfect for small websites (like ours) as well as much larger, feature-packed sites. Larger in terms of the number of pages, documents, users, visitors and languages supported. With Wagtail we can even have a single instance running multiple websites and across different domains. It can also power several websites and mobile apps from a single instance.

Secure. We’ve had several Wagtail websites professionally penetration tested and all have passed with flying colours. Sure, every implementation has slight differences but all the main security concerns are taken care of.

Feature-rich. So many awesome features come out-of-the-box, from the tools to build pages, structure content, handle images, manage documents and files, through to integrating powerful site search. There are features built for collaboration and managing roles and permissions across teams. Anything we need that doesn’t come as standard can either be found from other contributors or built to order by our talented developers.

SEO and social media friendly. Wagtail is built for search engines to crawl and for editorial teams and SEO experts to optimise pages. Open graph features allow content creators to control the social card images and text content for the main social networks.

It’s robust and reliable. The software is very well-written to run like clockwork. Unlike WordPress, installing plugins is left to developers to properly integrate and test before going live. So no more emergency situations to unpick while your customers are left hanging.

It’s here to stay. With a six-week release cycle and a world of developers like us invested in the project, it’s set to last. It’s built on strong foundations of Django and Python and there are some pretty big organisations like NASA, Google and the NHS using it to power their websites.

Is Wagtail suitable for your website?

Wagtail is so versatile it can be used to deliver websites that serve all kinds of business models, services and platforms – here’s some we’ve proven ourselves:

  • University, college and academic websites – Wagtails page structure and editing tools make it perfect for websites with thousands of pages and documents spread across lots of departments, managed by multiple teams and members of staff. Here’s an academic website we made in Wagtail.
  • Subscription / service applications — Wagtail has the perfect architecture for allowing users to create accounts and sign-in securely. Subscription and pay-for-access platforms can work wonders in Wagtail.
  • Transactional / E-commerce / online shops – Wagtail plays well with shopping carts, payment gateways and other e-commerce services.
  • Charity websites – Wagtail is particularly good for Third-sector websites because there’s no licence fee, it’s super-secure for safely gathering and storing personal information from donors and supporters and it’s well built for search engine optimisation and sharing content across all social platforms.
  • Promotional websites for marketing — There are unlimited opportunities for creating rich, engaging pages of content, linking them together to create the perfect user journey and optimising them for search and social media channels. If you have a marketing team, Wagtail is the perfect CMS for managing campaigns and building sales funnels easily. Have look at this VFX website we built with Wagtail.

Looking for a Wagtail specialist?

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