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Django is a flexible web framework that enables us to rapidly build robust and secure software applications for the web.

Written in Python it allows us to take projects from concept to completion in the shortest possible time. That means less risk, lower up-front development costs and getting your project off the ground sooner.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel

Django’s vibrant online community provides a huge range of open-source libraries and modules. This allows us to minimise development time and reduce development costs without compromising quality.

With all this goodness available to us, we don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel and you get much better value for your investment.

You imagine it, we’ll build it

Since its inception in 2005, Django has been used to build loads of applications - from content management systems like Wagtail, to social networks and scientific computing platforms (and many, many more).

Django and Python go hand-in-hand, so if you can imagine it, we can build it. Stay secure, stay supported.

Who else uses Django?

Some of the biggest names on the web rely on Django for their application development: Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Washington Post. It provides a solid foundation for any web application project because it’s lean, mean and fully scalable.

Why choose Cursive for your Django project?

We’re a partner for the long-term to support your project not just through the initial plan - prototype - design - build journey, but throughout the whole lifetime of the project.

Working with our specialist team you will be able to draw on our many years of experience working with both Django and Python to bring your project to life.

We treat each new project as a partnership, something we hope becomes stronger over time. Django takes care of many things, for the rest, you need a good team you can rely on.

Tech stack


This wasn’t a short-term project. We needed to partner with a team who value trust and a strong relationship. Cursive was a perfect fit.

— David Dewey, CEO, Shortlister


Django is a great choice for prototyping and provides all the flexibility needed to build your minimum viable product (MVP) fast. Projects built with Django have solid foundations, giving you the confidence that the code underpinning your investment is maintainable and future proof.


Bringing a new idea into the world is exciting, but can also be a challenging process. Here at Cursive we aim to make that process as smooth and rewarding as possible. With Django as a starting point it gives you and us one less thing to worry about.

The Python programming language is often described as ‘batteries included’, with its rich standard library giving developers a head start in many projects.

Add Django into the mix, with its built-in security, authentication, localisation, templating language and customisable admin interface, and you have a fully loaded toolbox of features to get your project off to a great start.


If you are looking to upgrade an outdated application to a more robust and maintainable technology, or you need a new home for an existing Django based project, we can help.

We can take the stress out of transitioning applications and associated data from outdated technologies to a new home built with Django. If a Content Management System (CMS) is needed, we can bring Wagtail into the mix.


Do you need to serve data to a range of different frontend applications over a robust but flexible API? No problem. Go headless with Django and a RESTful or GraphQL based API, that is backed by a rock solid PostgreSQL database.


If you want to build independent components that are loosely coupled, then Django is lightweight enough to be a welcome addition to any distributed micro service based application.

With the addition of Docker, you can containerise Django based micro services making them independently deployable and scalable.

Need to upgrade a Django application?

Are you worried about your platform falling off a cliff? Has the original warranty period expired? Is your application unsupported, starting to creak around the edges?

We believe in building sustainable software, so we have you covered. We provide a comprehensive code audit, refactoring and upgrade service with long term support (LTS) and security updates for Python, Django and Wagtail projects - keeping your code on the road and fit for the future.

Keeping your Django application up to date is a great way to keep it secure. Not only that, it will mean your project can benefit from all the latest features and improvements. Then, as your needs evolve, you’ll be in a much better place to build new features and services into your application because you won’t have such a big upgrade hill to climb before you can get started. Learn more about the support and maintenance service we offer.

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