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We often hear about shiny new websites and tech products not having the after-care attention they need. If you have a Django application or a Wagtail website, get complete peace of mind.

We offer guaranteed hours each month to spend answering your questions, helping your web team, fixing bugs, monitoring your site and generally keeping things running like clockwork. If you also have a backlog of new features and improvements, we can help with those too.

Here’s how it works

You’ll get a team of experts you can call on when you need them…

Reactive support

We have a ticketing system for you and your team to notify us of any issues and unexpected situations. We’re available to speak to over the phone during office hours and we find tools like Trello work really well for capturing, communicating and managing issues and requests.

We would expect to establish reasonable response times with you for acknowledging, investigating, fixing and reporting on issues that arise during day-to-day operations. The whole point of having a support partner on call is that issues get picked up and resolved quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Proactive support

We use application monitoring tools to keep an eye on things. Issues, ranging from a broken image through to service interruptions are reported to our whole team. This means we can often foresee issues before they become disruptive and proactively start work to resolve them. Having a support contract in place means we’re free to fix things as they arise with the minimum of admin and fuss.

Less fuss is good for both of us.

The team at Cursive have been great to work with. They respond to our technical questions and requests quickly, but thoughtfully. They’re a very friendly team who we continue to enjoy working with.

— The web team, Hamilton Trust

Software upgrades

We recommend keeping up with the latest software versions. Different vendors release new versions at different intervals. For packages like Wagtail, it’s good to do quarterly upgrades. For others like Python or Django 6-9 months is good.

A regular upgrade path will ensure your site will continue to benefit from new features and security updates. We’ll make sure it won’t get left behind with a steep hill to climb. It’s our best way of keeping things working as intended and ensuring your application doesn’t fall off a cliff after a couple of years.

Just like the software updates on your mobile phone, there are always new features and improvements being released – some more exciting than others, but they will be worth benefitting from for the modest cost of an upgrade plan.

Tech supported


Iteration – new features & the future

While we don’t factor in the development of new features into our support and maintenance contracts, building new features and improvements is a big part of what we do.

Whether it’s an integration with your new CRM or event booking system, building a visualisation service to present your data, or simply adding more templates to enrich your existing site, we can work with you. We'll consult with you, do user research and deliver solid ideas that put your users at the heart of meeting your objectives.

And if we’ve already been providing support and maintenance, you’ll have a head-start when it comes to building new features.

Need someone you can rely on for support & maintenance?

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