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Software stamina

Making a significant investment in digital services with an agency can be a daunting task. There are a great many aspects to consider: research, design, platform to name just a few. In this article we’ll focus on an aspect that we believe is more important than ever but one that can be a brief footnote in the procurement process: how long will it last?

by Patrick Smith

Solid DNA

Fundamentally, working with reputable Open Source Software and W3C standards is where it all starts for us. It grants a surety that closed source just cannot complete with. It allows us to pick peer reviewed, openly available and licenced components that are not subject to the decisions of a single organisation. Its openness allows us make empirically informed decisions about where we’ll place our efforts.

Let’s take a look at the highly respected Stack Overflow 2021 Survey of developers technology choices. The most widely used programming languages are Javascript and Python. The most popular Web Frameworks reflect this with the top 5 all being built with Javascript and with Python based Flask and Django coming in at numbers 7 and 9 respectively. The once ubiquitous PHP, the language of Drupal and WordPress, now lies outside the Top 10 and is one of the most dreaded languages a developer might encounter. The most widely used databases are MySQL and PostgreSQL.

For us at Cursive, this is really nice to see. We’ve been using Javascript, Python, Django and PostgreSQL in our web projects for a long, long time now. WHY? Because we want the best too! We want rapid, robust development tools and we want our clients to have a happy and hassel-free co-existence their software. We believe that these choices provide the best possible foundation for a long and happy software-lifetime.

Maxing-out stamina

If you asked many web agencies if they’d consider taking over your existing website or platform, you’ll often be met with resistance – many preferring, instead, to steer you toward a brand-new project. Of course this might be entirely appropriate, but, where the technologies fit, where solutions are good, where there's business reliance, this can be a difficult pill to swallow. Picking the right technology, gives your project the best possible chance at a long and productive life. And we’re not just saying this: today we have a number of clients who came to us with existing Python based projects that we’ve taken on, enhanced, fixed, re-hosted, upgraded… you name it.


Putting your best technical foot forwards is something we passionately encourage you to do. Pick technologies that are respected, well liked and widely used by professionals. “Future you” will be thankful for the time you spent making considered choices today.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk more.